We don’t need a reason to go diving, we need a reason NOT to go. But, to convince you, let us just say that there is absolutely nothing like scuba diving in this world and that it is absolutely the best thing there is. At least that is what we think and therefore we want to go diving as much as possible. But in case you need some reasons here are a few: 

  • It's different every time you go, everywhere you go!
  • 70% of the world is covered with water, explore the rest of it. 
  • It is the most peaceful place to be
  • Always great company


REBECCA ALTENDORF, satisfied diver

Incredible instructor that really explains the process of getting certified. Small classes so you get the attention you need and lots of time for questions. If you’ve ever thought about scuba- sign up for a class today!!! Incredibly wonderful diving company- totally recommend 10/10.

EYJOLFUR JONASSON, satisfied traveler
KEITH KLUGE, student diver


Each member of our friendly team is proud of working with us and has a  long-term diving experience. We simply love to be in the water and we hope that we can get you as excited about diving as we are. We look forward to see you in the water with us. 

Our philosophy is smaller class sizes allowing us to give more one-on-one time with individual divers.  The individual attention allows us to produce the best, most competent diver possible. Classes are limited to few students at all levels.



Thor is the founder and a PADI Master Scuba Dive Instructor at YAY SCUBA! Thor has been diving since 1991 when he got certified in Colorado/New Mexico. He gradually worked his way up to instructor level through diving around the world. He loves training new divers and seeing their faces light up when they try diving for the first time. 



Jennifer is the newest addition to the YAY Scuba team. She started diving in 2020 and fell in love with the sport immediately. She slowly worked her way to a Divemaster and completed that in 2023. Her favorite diving is shark diving, and she loves to travel to dive destinations around the world to explore the dive sites and what they have to offer.